My Belief

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Kids at Play Club promotes the well being of children by meeting all of their physical, emotional, social and intellectual needs. I believe that also through creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience we can achieve the fullest potential of any child. Building their self-esteem and confidence helps them to develop their own sense of self-worth. I strongly promote self respect and respecting others as well. I believe that with love, compassion, practise and the allowance to make mistakes, we can grow into self independent thinkers and doers.

Whether it is a lesson through story telling or the ABC’s, I believe that children learn best through play. I use puppets, dolls, exaggerated language, facial expressions and a variety of voices to peek the child’s interest into learning. I also do not focus on one particular subject for more than fifteen minutes, to accommodate most children’s attention span.

Art, creativity, and movement are very important to a child’s growth. We start our days with a “Dance Off” to get energized. Whether I read from a book or tell it from memory, storytelling increases a child’s imagination and this is why we practise this at least once every day. Everything around us is a work of art. I teach the children to use their eyes, words, their hands, and senses to see beyond what are 3 dimensional. I show how they can use it through their story telling, art work and imagination in play.

Kids at Play Club are the many children who bless us with their presence, their laughter, stories, individuality and personality. Children are our futures, and with a little bit of guidance, patience and a heart full of love, our future outcome can be brighter than ever.