My Background

stacey with the kids

In high school I took a course titled ‘Tutoring the Mentally Handicap’. I always felt it should be titled ‘Mentally Handicap Tutors Us’. I felt that others with special needs had more to teach us then what we actually might be teaching them. Later on I learnt how to successfully use the ABA method and the DTI Technique as a learning tool for teaching children with Autism.

I homeschooled my two children from the age of 3 until it was necessary for me to enrol them into public schools. I learnt quite quickly that one child learns differently from another. My oldest could go on with the same subject for long periods of time, with my youngest, 15 minutes was enough. I used the phonics approach but I also went by listening and observing my children’s learning behaviour as my guide to their teachings. This is also the time I learnt to educate children through imaginative and creative play.

I volunteered at my daughter’s preschool and elementary classes. I educated children in the fields of mathematics, reading, spelling, writing and social studies by using the Emergent Curriculum. This is where I found creative brainstorming, flexibility and patience as an asset in my approach to teaching. I also taught a 90 minute art history class per month in my eldest’s kindergarten class.

I currently volunteer at my church in assisting the preschool children on Sundays. I also have my Emergency Child Care & Infant First Aid Certificate as well as my Child Care Certificate.